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NPM - Fast-repo 🚀🚀

Perform quick actions on one or many repositories.

Why ? 🐙

If you are the type of person who has a lot of ideas, often creates repositories and loves open source ? Then this project is for you.

Fast-repo is a module that literally allows you to create a repository with pre-configured settings, a README and gitignore file depending on the language you use and other features in a few seconds.


npm install -g fast-repo
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Note - We recommend using this version.

Or with NPX

npx fast-repo <commands> [options]
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Usage 🖍

fast-repo <commands> [options]
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Commands 🕹

  • config [options] - Create the config to be able to perform actions.
  • create [options] - Create the repository.

Note - Enter fast-repo --help for more informations about commands and options available.

Examples 🙋‍♂️

First create config folder with the config --create command

It is important to create before running this command a personal token on your github profile and select the repo and delete_repo scopes. More informations here github token documentation

Github token scopes

Then create some repositories

By entering the create --name=<repo-name> command a series of questions will be asked in particular if you'll like to create a folder linked to the github repository.
By default if no -p, --path flag is present we'll be using the process.cwd() function to determine where to create this folder, enter the -p flag with a new path to clear the old one.

Delete one or more repositories

Delete repo

If you like this project and want to contribute, do not hesitate to clone the repository and put a little like 🌟😇🌟

Happy coding ! 🦄✨

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