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Ahmad Ra'fat

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How many requests can the 4-cores server that run PHP app take at the same time?

If you have a server with 4-cores and 8GB ram, how many requests can this server take at the same time and how many child processes you can run on it?
I'm taking about PHP and if you are running a PHP application there.

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Dor Shinar

There's no real answer to this question, as there are far too many variables at play here. The best thing you can do is test.

Things that can and will affect the total throughput of your application include the language you write in, the exact version of it, the framework you use, the actual work you do per request, as well as which CPU your server has, where is it hosted, how fast the internet connection is, and many more variables.

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Ahmad Ra'fat Author

Updated the question, consider it as an interview question you might get it or even ask it to someone in an interview.

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I don t see it as an interview question, cuz i doubt there is someone that can answer. The complexity is to vast.