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Progress on Terminus

So far the problem with Terminus has stayed the same. I am currently trying to find a better way to communicate with the people of the community for my pull request. This repository doesn't get updated quite often so I am hoping that someone can review the pull request soon so I can spend more time improving. Everything was left off with tests working and the headers being passed correctly.


Although this was a short blog post about the status of the pull request, I wanted to go into detail about the entire experience of contributing. When I first picked the issue, I thought I would be working with the Telescope project. I decided to work with this code base because I was very comfortable and understood the project. I also found during this semester that working with newer projects took me a lot longer to learn and setup. Once I found out that I would have to work within Terminus, I was a little intimidated. I was worried it would take time to learn the code and understand how to work with it to get exactly what I needed. Eventually after moving on from being intimidated, I spent each night slowly examining the code and coming up with solutions to the problem. After that process I created the pull request. Working on this problem and the many problems this semester was a journey and I hope to work on more open source projects in the future in OSD700.

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