How to move a Blob to another Container

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In this post, I am going to share a method that moves a blob to another container.

This content applies for:

  • Azure Storage Accounts.
  • .NET Core 2.2.
  • Different containers on the same storage account.


  1. I have a CloudStorageAccount object that represents the Azure Storage Account.
  2. I have a CloudBlobClient object that represents a Blob service.
  3. In the constructor, CloudStorageAccount and CloudBlobClient are initialized.
  4. MoveBlob method creates a reference of source container and destination container using GetContainerReference method of CloudBlobClient object.
  5. I get a blob reference using GetBlockBlobReference method using the previous containers references.
  6. Finally, I invoke StartCopyAsync method in order to copy the blob to another container, then, the source blob is deleted.
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Do note that the copy operation may not be complete by the time "MoveBlob" completes. You will need to poll "destinationBlob.CopyState.Status" (after refreshing attributes using "destinationBlob.FetchAttributesAsync()")!

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