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How to improve the performance of an old MacBook

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How bad my computer was?

My computer is an old MacBook Pro from 2011, yes a long time ago :) and I came with 4gb of memory not bad talking about 9 years ago and about 4 years I updated to 16 gb.

So past the time I felt some difficulties to open or even work with my IDE and using a software to analyze I/O I saw the numbers bellow.

Alt Text

My options

  • The first but the more expensive is: Go to apple's site choose the best configuration and finish the purchase paying a lot of money :(.

  • The second be patient with the machine :(.

  • The last was if I change the disk since a ssd disk is faster than the actual :) ?

What I choose?

I choose the last option and I had to bought the ssd and more tools such as

  • SSD disc
  • SSD to USB cable to copy the data
  • Precision Screwdriver
  • Antistatic wrist strap with ESD protection + grounding cable + mat set
  • 16 hours to execute the backup from HDD to SDD
  • 30 min to open / close the laptop


After the little journey to buy the things and wait the copy to SSD now the laptop has a better performance and now I can open my IDE, browsers etc

Alt Text


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