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5 Reasons To Learn C# in 2021

C# is a flexible general-purpose language

C# is very flexible and allows you to develop a big variety of systems. With C# you maximize the return of investment on your skills because you can build almost any kind of applications:

  • Console applications
  • Desktop applications (Windows Forms, WPF)
  • Windows Services
  • Web Services and Web applications (ASP.NET Core, Blazor)
  • Native Mobile Applications (Xamarin)
  • AI Applications (ML.NET)
  • Distributed and Cloud Applications (Azure)
  • Games (Unity)
  • IoT applications
  • Reusable libraries

It's important to say C# did not design to develop system-level performance-critical software. It was not designed to compete directly on performance and size with the C and C++ languages.

C# is cross-platform

At the beginning C# was a language exclusively reserved for Windows developers because the .NET framework was tightly coupled with the Microsoft operating system. This was certainly a limiting factor in the adoption of C#.

Finally, this is no longer the case!

.NET 5 has been designed from the ground up to run on multiple operating systems including Linux and Mac.

Xamarin and Mono provides the ability to run your C# code natively on mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

You can now run your C# on multiple operating systems. This is fantastic!

C# is mature, popular and in very active development

C# is 20 years old.

C# is a very mature language that evolved significantly over the years.

The C# language is one of the top 5 most popular programming languages and .NET Core is the most loved software development framework in the world.

C# is in very active development. The latest stable release is C# 9 that was released in November 2020 and introduced significant improvements to the language.

New major releases of C# are expected to be released every year alongside updates to the new unified .NET framework.

C# is a well-documented language

The official documentation on the C# language is very well-written. It's the right place to start learning C#.

Microsoft Learn also provide learning materials on a wide variety of topics relevant for C# developers.

If you want to master C#, learn all the latest features and stay up-to-date with the language join the Productive C# membership.

If you want a more rigorous exploration of the C# language syntax visit the official C# specification.

C# developers are in high demand

C# skills are in demand and big and small organizations are using C# daily to develop their critical systems.

There is no shortage of C# developers jobs in the world and this means C# is a secure investment in your future career.

According to Payscale, an experienced C# developer can earn an average total compensation of more than $90K in the US.

Salaries around the world vary but it's clear that mastering C# can help you secure a very high-paid job.

So, what's stoping you?

Join and start your journey.

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Taryn McMillan

I'm using C# in Unity but I don't have much experience using it in other applications. It's a fun language to play around with.

lukaszreszke profile image
Łukasz Reszke

Totally agree :)