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What's the most popular programming language?

Inspired by the article about the popularity of Go I wanted to check what is currently the most popular programming language.

I opened up Google Trends and entered a few languages that I alreay considered as popular.

C# vs Java vs JavaScript vs PHP vs Python

You can only enter 5 terms in Google Trends so here is another round of slightly less popular languages (comparing to Java as it holds the reference point of 100% on the previous chart).

Go vs Java vs Ruby vs Rust vs Swift

I was aware that Python is popular because of its usage for machine learning, but I'm quite surprised that Python has moved into the lead recently. I'm also shocked how fast Java is loosing popularity. Over last 5 years the interest in search for Java dropped by 55%.

There is also the old good Tiobe Index which gives a bit different perspective.

Tiobe Index

It also shows a gradual, although a much slower decline of Java and an increasing popularity of Python. What I don't understand is the top position of C language in the Tiobe Index. Can anyone explain?

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Luigi D. Capra

You can find also other statistics that tell different stories (i.e.
About C-Language: it is worth remember that UNIX was written in C-Language, and then the Linux kernel and part of Android etc.
C-Language is the ancestor of most of the preminent programming language (C++, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc) that share quite the same syntax (ad statement level).
Last but not lest C-Language is really a "portable" language. That means that a program written in C for a given platform could be moved on a different platform and just recompiled...