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Luke Cartwright
Luke Cartwright

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PWA Summit 2021

PWAs are picking up steam and to learn more about the recent advances I'd recommend the PWA summit 2021 event. It was held on 7th October 2021 and was nearly 7 hours long.

Here are a few of the talks that I found interesting about the conference.

  1. Make your PWAs look and launch beautifully - Önder Ceylan

Önder showed up some of the latest features that can make a PWA launch beautifully. Starting off with maskable icons. From the talk it is a square icon with the main logo in the center so that different devices mask it differently to circle, rounded square etc.
I am also looking forward to playing around the the new screenshots property on the manifest.json. This looks like an app download by showing some screenshots of the main app screens.
I personally think Önder's talk was the best with a look at many of the cool features to play with.

  1. I also enjoyed Ire Aderinokun's talk on PWAs today.

She spoke on the progress that PWAs have made over the last few years and ran through some of the interesting APIs that are beginning to be adopted along side some cool use cases.

Here is the link for the full summit:

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