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Favorite Resource of the Week: Coding Fonts

In the world of software development, things move fast. New tools, new libraries, new languages! As technology changes to meet the needs of today's problems, it is important as a developer to keep up to date with what tools work best for you. I am always watching for tools that will help improve my workflow, making me a better designer and developer, and making my work more effective. I would like to share the tools I find that seem to make a difference in my work, and might just help solve some of the problems you are facing in your own!

This week my favorite resource is a newly found web app on the CSS-Tricks site, which helps developers in choosing which coding font's they like best, find most useful, and most effective for their code editing environment.

CSS-Tricks: Coding Fonts
Image of the CSS-Tricks web app titled Coding Fonts

Coding Fonts allows you to switch between 35 of the most popular fonts used by developers in their code editors, and it allows you to see the differences between and the unique aspects of each. Many of these fonts contain unique ligatures, use of italics, variables, and character shapes that help developers see the functions or markup they are calling more accurately and quickly. This web app not only lists the differences between these commonly used fonts, but also allows you to see them in action. Choosing a font that is easy for you to differentiate between characters and visualize unique calls and comments can improve workflow, and be a real productivity booster in your development toolkit!

What is your favorite coding font of choice? Is it listed in Coding Fonts? And why do you find it most effective for your daily work use?

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