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Why I decided to study software engineering

lupitalee profile image Lupita Rivera Updated on ・2 min read

Going through the Pandemic things had changed all around the world. A new era has started with all this advanced technology I knew I wanted to start something new something different. I was always drawn to design and architecture. The idea of designing and creating things, seeing drawings and blueprints come to life was always so amazing to even watch. Back in my technical high school, I took two years of CADD(for computer-aided design and drafting). I was amazed at how technology has changed the design. All I knew at the time was everything on paper but seeing all the blueprints on a computer and the design materials even before a building was built totally blew my mind. Because of the circumstances at the given time I wasn't able to go to college, time passed and here I am learning software Engineering something that fascinates me.

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But before even knowing about software Engineering. I had started a new hobby learning the Chinese language (Mandarin). And the reason I started was that many of my friends say that is very challenging and hard to learn. I was learning few months prior to starting the boot camp prep work and yes it was challenging just to even recognize the different tones, I thought I was never gonna be able to distinguish them nor even know how to read the characters but thru hard work and help from my tutor soon I was able to read pinyin and at the same time learning to read the characters it was like learning two languages at once! But at the end of the day was very satisfying. I was able to learn so much in such a short time.

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During this time my Husband close friend introduced us to coding. He went on explaining how great it is. and since he saw my interest in Language he mentioned it will be another type of language that I'll be learning. But in the programming world!. That sounded pretty exciting to me. this is what I was looking for as to start my new career a mix of design with language this led to my decision to learn coding a whole new language where I can create, build and fix things in the virtual world!

“ I could either watch it happen or be part of it.” - Elon Musk

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Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

Software Engineering is awesome, good luck!

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