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I usually dislike the way hackers or developers are portrayed in movies. You know the giant screen with lots of random stuff going on, the guy types a couple of commands on the keyboard and you're inside the CIA or you can launch a rocket.
I find it funny in certain situations, like Jeff Goldblum uploading a virus into the aliens mothership, and of course in the Matrix, but everything is unreal in that movie, so even people staring at the screen and seeing the matrix is ok...

A movie I like a lot is Sneakers

Well directed, great actors.


Mr Robot, the most accurate show about hacking.
Also watched Scorpion and CSI Cyber, for laugh.


Please, i warning you, that show is horrible, i just watched because i lol a lot.
Is like when you watch any CSI show when showns they digital experts.


I'll always love Hackers.
'Halt and Catch Fire' drew me in, but I haven't gotten around to watching past season 1


Halt and Catch Fire was a great show, sadly ended
The last 2 seasons weren't fun enough.

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