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Don’t let your emotions dictate your decisions

I have been working in a packaging company for the last 2 and a half years as a web designer. Recently I've decided to move on with my career to work as a front end developer in a technology company.

I applied to some companies and to my surprise 6 out of 8 companies were interested in my profile, requesting a first interview to get to know me.

All the interviews went well but only 2 of them asked me to move to the second interview.

One of those companies, which I loved, told me they wanted to sign a contract with me.

Since I was thrilled, I rushed to say yes and refused the other company's proposal.

The company that I accepted to work for, provides outsourcing services, so I'd be working as a consultant for other companies, which its not the type of job I want at the moment.

I had to step back, tell them I didn't want to work for them and had to tell the previous company that I was working for that I'd be coming back if they'd still accept me.

I don't always accept a job

Everything went well for me as my previous company took me back.

Here I am now, feeling embarassed that I did a really bad decision because I was impulsive.

I don't feel motivated to keep searching for a new job right now but in a few months I'll continue searching to kick start my developer career and surely, by then, I won't be making the same mistake.

To anyone who's reading this, don't let your emotions dictate your decisions.

If you ever feel like me try to settle down and really think about the problem and the options around you.

Always search more information about the company you are applying for.

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