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How to Add Author Bio to Posts in Jekyll

My blog Datalogues is powered by Jekyll, a static-site generator. The theme I selected for the site did not support authors out of the box however it is easy to implement author functionality in Jekyll.

1) Edit/create appropriate folders and files in Jekyll project

  • front matter of individual blog posts where author should be included
  • _layouts/post.html

and created the following folders/files:

  • _data/authors.yml
  • _includes/author_bio.html

2) Store Author Data

I have stored my author data in a folder called _data that contains a file authors.yml. The author information associated with monica_powell is pulled into my post from the authors.yml data file.

    name: Monica Powell
    bio: Monica Powell is a web technologist that cares about increasing the visiblity of underestimated individuals in technology. In 2015, she received the #GIRLBOSS award from Sophia Amoruso’s Girl Boss Foundation. She’s currently focusing on making tech more enjoyable & accessible and is always up to chat data visualizations, web development or #BlackGirlMagic.
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3) Reference relevant authors in the front matter of individual blog posts

In the front matter of each blog post in Jekyll you should reference authors in YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) using the following format author: NAME OF AUTHOR. The name of author should be an exact match one of the variables in your authors.yml

The front matter in Jekyll sets the metadata for a post and is key to properly building posts. YAML is a human friendly data serialization standard for all programming languages.

Here is an example of the front matter for this particular post.

layout: post
title: How to Add Author Bio in Jekyll
description: A guide to adding author bios in Jekyll
image: assets/images/author-bio.png
permalink: adding-author-bios-in-jekyll
author: monica_powell
comments: true
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4) Define HTML for author bio

in the folder _includes create a file called author_bio.html to define the HTML for how author bio's should be displayed

5) Add author bios to the post layout

Add a line in post.html where author bio should appear and pull in the HTML as defined above in author_bio.html. The logic is set so that it will only call that HTML template if there is author information associated with this particular post.

  ## if there is an author bio
  {% if %}
      {% include author_bio.html %}
  {% endif %}
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Top comments (3)

harishkgarg profile image
Harish Garg

Hi Monica,

I was looking to add authors to my site and came across your this article (it shows up quite high in the Google Search results - so good job). One thing I noticed when clicked on your blog link, it shows me "in-secure website in firefox" message.. see attached screenshot. seems like your https is not configured properly on your website. You can actually do it very easily and free by following this guide - I recently did it for my website - and it was real easy.

joshistoast profile image
Josh Corbett

You could also create an html file with the bio layout and call the front matter variables in an _includes folder, and include it in the posts layout. That's how I've done it.

iigkid profile image

Hi Monica,
Thank you for the great article. I'm wondering if you can use paragraphs (html) in the author bio on the author.yml page in the _data folder? I would like longer bios and am wondering how to do that in the .yml file.

Thank you.