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How to deal with procrastination and unmotivation on your learning path

Here's the scenario: You want to learn that technology, Complete that course or build that project, But no matter what your mind wanders away, Your fingers refuse to type and you feel bored to death. I've been like this lately where i regret wasting all my time not doing something productive but the problem never cease to be.

Today i'll give you some tips that may help you to deal with it

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Check if you're tired

are you tired ?

This may seem obvious, But be sure that you're having enough sleep to start and you're already rested. Also It is not optimal to start learning after a long day of work/school.

Have a decisive plan

i have a plan ?

Have a decisive plan of what you're trying to learn, Don't go by your mood. Choose a course of actions and stick with it. You can explore udemy courses and see how the teacher structure the learning path so you can take some notes about it.

Remove all distractions

say no to distractions!

You should make coding your first priority on your productive hours. Don't try to code after watching a movie, or playing video game or any activity that releases dopamine, Chances are you may feel tired and "dull" to learn or code.

Step away from your computer

just do it

Another case you maybe suffering from is burnout, Burnouts are a real problem that many people has quit from software engineering industry because of it, Take a break from your computer, I recommend a nice walk or a funny show to "reset" your brain.

Break it down

some desc

Refer to the #2 tip. Don't take the whole subject all in one, Especially that you are learning new techs, If you do that you'll feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of everything (the day i read about javascript ecosystem is the day i've known the meaning of suffering 😂).

Identify what you're struggling with

did you get it ?

If you feel stuck try to word out what are you exactly struggling with. Don't jump to something else whenever you feel stuck with something, After you identify the struggle break it down just as stated above.

Watch people code or read people's code

go on

When you're trying to build something for the first time It's a good way to have the general idea of how it's approached by other people, You can visit youtube or github and search for examples of what you're trying to build.

What are your tips ?

How do you guys fight procrastination and unmotivation on your career/learning path 🤔? Let me know in the comments.

PS: I know the IT Crowd gifs don't make any sense but I've had fun anyway :p

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