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I tried Ansible-lint quickly

I know Ansible-lint recently. I tried it right away and I think want to write a blog.Ansible-lint is a sentence structure check tool. By use it, we get beautiful playbook.
I write to introduce Ansible-lint right away.

pip install ansible-lint
pip list
>ansible-lint                           4.1.0

This is sample playbook.

- name: example
  action: ec2_metadata_facts
  when: production == True
- debug: var=ansible_ec2_instance_id

I got this result after I apply Ansible-lint to this playbook.

[601] Don't compare to literal True/False
  when: production == True
601 is error number. By reading this link, I can understand the error.
Use when: var rather than when: var == True (or conversely when: not var)

So, I fixed this playbook after I applied Ansible-lint. This playbook doesn't have an error and it was beautiful playbook.
I think adopt Ansible-lint in CI.

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