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What is your favorite online code sandbox tool?

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Setting up new project locally just for quick ideas and snippets usually is a bit of overkill, since it takes time to set up, requires use of many tools (like editor, browser and terminal) and you end up with extra files in your machine.

That's where online code sandboxes come in. These requires no setup, includes all tools for tests/preview in single space and allow to quickly get rid of your snippets with just of a press of a button.

For a long time I used a combination of and, recently moved to and never really looked back.

What is your current favorite online code sandbox and why?

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It depends. If it comes to writing code, i prefer That is the easy way to write something in HTML/SCSS/JS (even React!)

But when I have to show my code in python (f.e) and I need someone to edit this with me, the codeshare is the best option


Thanks, have to give codeshare a try!


I use almost all the time, they always had everything I needed.


Looks promising by their landing page alone xdd


Yeah, looks like they stepped their game up recently. Been using it for some years now :D


Codeply, for 3 reasons: 1) easy to add popular frameworks, 2) includes snippets in the editor, 3) I made it!

I'm looking forward to when adds itπŸ˜‰ to their embeds.


Good job on that, looks solid.. Nothing beats the feeling when you get some productive outcome from tools that you have made yourself, that's for sure ;)

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