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Introducing Kubernetes Goat

Intentionally vulnerable cluster environment to learn and practice Kubernetes security.

I have been working in Containers, Kubernetes and it’s security for quite sometime. I felt that there is a gap between the security and technology understanding of the Kubernetes it self. We all learnt using different goats in security world like WebGoat. I wanted to create some simple environment where anyone can practice and learn to get started in Kubernetes Security.

That’s how it all started with Kubernetes Goat. But it has lot of extensive documented scenarios which are taken from real-world attacks, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Kubernetes Goat Home

Okay, where can I get more info about Kubernetes Goat?

You can learn more about Kubernetes Goat and its active development, scenarios and the documentation at Github.


What all scenarios Kubernetes Goat has?

I had covered almost 14 different scenarios in Kubernetes Goat currently, also adding more scenarios and features soon. List of scenarios currently available in Kubernetes Goat are as follows

  1. Sensitive keys in code bases
  2. DIND(docker-in-docker) exploitation
  3. SSRF in K8S world
  4. Container escape to access host system
  5. Docker CIS Benchmarks analysis
  6. Kubernetes CIS Benchmarks analysis
  7. Attacking private registry
  8. NodePort exposed services
  9. Helm v2 tiller to PwN the cluster
  10. Analysing crypto miner container
  11. Kubernetes Namespaces bypass
  12. Gaining environment information
  13. DoS the memory/cpu resources
  14. Hacker Container preview

I’m excited, how can I quickly get started using/learning more about Kubernetes Goat?

As it’s a complicated to setup the entire cluster environment and trying these scenarios, I have created free online playground at Katacoda to just tryout from your browser. You can just get started playing with Kubernetes Goat by clicking below link

Kubernetes Goat | madhuakula | Katacoda

I am stuck at a scenario while playing, where can I get solutions?

Yes, indeed the Kubernetes Goat is intended to help you teach and learn as a walkthrough and the detailed step by step Guide can be found at

Can we try this in our production cluster?

No, please don’t do that. It’s intentionally designed to be vulnerable cluster to showcase different vulnerabilities, misconfigurations in Kubernetes environments. Also read the below disclaimers.

Kubernetes Goat creates intentionally vulnerable resources into your cluster. DO NOT deploy Kubernetes Goat in a production environment or alongside any sensitive cluster resources.

Kubernetes Goat comes with absolutely no warranties whatsoever. By using Kubernetes Goat, you take full responsibility for any and all outcomes that result.

Wow, this looks amazing! how can I can i get to know more about its upcoming features/scenarios?

As I said, the project is in active development to include new features and scenarios. So, to just name some of the upcoming features/scenarios coming in Kubernetes Goat includes:

  1. More offensive or attacker scenarios to learn about Kubernetes security from an attackers perspective
  2. Defender scenarios to secure/mitigate these misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
  3. Also, working on KIND based deployments to showcase cluster it self vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  4. Detailed references and resources for attacks/vulnerabilities which are unable to reproduce with newer version of clusters
  5. Many more…

So stay tuned for the more updates in below channels

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