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Polygon to clip-path & SVG

I've made a new clip-path-tool, which makes it easier to create equal-sided polygons, from 3-sided triangles to a hundred-sided hectogon.

You get live feedback and generated code for both CSS clip-path and inline SVG.

Polygon Editor

Drag the sides-range-slider to set the number of sides. The inset-range-slider creates a point on the middle of each side, and the amount you set drags it "inwards" for cool effects.

If you chose the first, transparent image, the color of the color-picker will be used:

Blue Star

Otherwise, chose one of the sample images:

Image Star

When you hover the "Animation Preview"-area, you'll see a transition between the original inset and the animation inset:

Animation Preview

The tool works best in fullscreen on Codepen, but here's an inline version as well:

If you prefer a clip-path-tool with draggable points (for simpler shapes), use my original tool:

Thanks for reading - hope you'll enjoy the tools!

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