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Have you ever used vertical (portrait mode) monitor?

Some days ago I did make a discuss article on would you prefer single ultrawide over multiple monitor setup for your developer needs.

Answers did vary, tho most of you did recommend multiple monitor setup. I wanted to extend the discussion a bit on the vertical (portrait mode) screens and their use cases.

Out of curiosity, I thought it would be nice to share, what do you mainly use them for? To save space? To view more code lines at once? To split screen for multiple tools? For reading external sources, docs?

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Drew Peifer

I use vertical monitors for long console outputs mostly, or diff-ing files, that kind of thing. I almost always have a terminal window there rather than an editor or browser window.

Regarding using an editor on a vertical monitor: As a general rule, if you use horizontal monitors with split-pane view and you find yourself scrolling the editor panes vertically more than stretching them side to side, then you may find a vertical monitor setup more useful. Some files have longer lines, others have more lines, so the file type and content can make a difference as well.

Vertical monitors are also useful for capturing a vertical screenshot or screen recording, too.