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Have you learned Rust?

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According to StackOverflow survey, Rust has been the most loved lang for multiple consecutive years.

Have you learned it and maybe you can share some awesome projects that you have built with it?

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vikkio88 profile image

I had studied it few months back using this udemy course, and at the same time I studied Go.
At work we had to decide whether to use one or the other, we went for Go as we have mostly js devs on the team and Go seemed a bit easier to read/work with.

In the last year, as a side hobby, I started studying game development, and after few month of C++ the last week I decided to take back Rust and learn it properly this time in the game development context. Still no project to share, but I find it easier to understand after few months of advanced C++ learning.

The main thing that is making me want to learn and use it more than C++ is cargo, the package manager/build tool seems so nice in comparison to the crappy things you find yourself using in C++.

Let's see how it goes, eventually will share my thought on a post here.

madza profile image
Madza Author

Thanks for the insight πŸ™β€
Also, best of luck with it πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

aghost7 profile image
Jonathan Boudreau

I've used it on the side and its much nicer than c/c++ because of the package management, error handling, etc. If you're interested in embedded systems, drivers, desktop development, game development, databases or distributed systems, Rust might be worth learning.

faraazahmad profile image
Syed Faraaz Ahmad • Edited

I've been trying to learn it by building projects with for quite a while and built a tiny programming language with it (not feature complete by any means) and its been pretty fun so far.

The learning curve is definitely pretty high and seems daunting at first but the benefits of being able to write safe Rust code outweigh any doubts you might have.

I think one of the most important thing (at least for me) was realising that using Rust was overkill for a lot of the common projects I had in mind. Like you certainly do not need to use Rust to build a web server, a game or maybe even a GUI desktop app unless you are handing more than a million concurrent connections like in DIscord's case. IMO what Rust is right for is low level systems code like kernels, device drivers, CLI tools, and close to the metal stuff like that.

I've seen people complain that Rust has really slow compile times but so far I haven't encountered any issues with the compile times, maybe its just because I've gotten used to node_modules and Webpack taking forever :)

I'm not a big fan of the macros having separate syntax and I definitely prefer Zig's comptime keyword which functions same as macros but has the same syntax as the language.

yjdoc2 profile image
YJDoc2 • Edited

Yep, it was a unique experience, and got to learn some other things because of it as well :) Also it definitely has one of the best development experience, once you get over the initial learning curve :D

I made an Intel 8086 emulator, which I think is pretty cool because it has a commandline version and the same is compiled to wasm and made a react based web version as well. Hosted at GitHub pages :

max_dobeck profile image

I don’t like parsing a big web UI for important emails I need.

So instead I built this cli tool to enable a new workflow for myself:

  • ctrl + A the page
  • ctrl + C to copy the whole webpage
  • run gimme to parse my clipboard for what I need

ducaale profile image
Mohamed Dahir

I have used it for several small projects, the last being xh. I think it is quite a nice language when you compare it with the languages it's trying to replace i.e C/C++.

thefluxapex profile image
Ian Pride

Done quite a few projects in Rust. This one is the one I'm most proud of (not because the quality of code, personal reasons):


Command line installer/updater for hosts files found at the Steven Black repository:

BlackHosts @ GitHub

madza profile image
Madza Author

Good job on it! πŸ’―πŸ‘

yoannfleurydev profile image
Yoann Fleury

I made gitweb back in 2019 while learning Rust. Since then, I had some mentoring to improve the code.

The community is kind and inclusive, the tools (cargo, rustup, ...) have awesome DX (Developer eXperience). The language itself is a bit hard to read when you are a beginner but I find it easier now that I have myself wrote some lines.

I still don't know all the subtleties of the language but I like it a lot so far.

dannymcgee profile image
Danny McGee

The pithy answer: one does not simply "learn" Rust

The real answer: if by "learn" you mean have I reached the "acceptance" stage of my journey with fighting the borrow checker... not yet. But I'm getting there! I wrote a whole 400 lines or so in the last couple of days and it compiles and everything, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

I've been working on hacking together a simple IPC pipeline between Electron and a Rust back-end as a POC, because I really love working with HTML/CSS for GUIs, but I want to be able to write performance-critical desktop software (image/audio editing, 3D, gamedev, etc.) without being bottlenecked by an interpreter or a heavyweight runtime. I'm a long way from being able to apply it to any sort of serious use case, but knowing that it's possible is really exciting.

yoursunny profile image
Junxiao Shi

I tried Rust once, in 2019 Code Jam qualification.
I haven't done anything substantial, but I hear Rust has good support for WebAssembly so I'll be using it someday.

sentinel1909 profile image
Jeff Mitchell

I started to dive into it, but concluded that I needed a grounding in HTML/CSS/JavaScript first. I love Rust, the tools and ecosystem are fantastic. I've definitely going to return to it when I have more of a solid footing in the basics.

gangov profile image
Kaloyan Gangov

I've gone through the rustlings course and loved it, currently building an email service as per this guide: It's pretty cool

kspeakman profile image
Kasey Speakman

I've gone through the tutorial docs a couple of times. It seems interesting to me as an almost FP systems language. But so far I haven't needed a systems language.

vovchisko profile image
Vladimir Ishenko

Don't play rust. It's community is extremely toxic.

daaitch profile image
Philipp Renoth

disagree. why do you think that? I like the community.

lamka02sk profile image

I think he meant the game not the programming language. In that case I have to agree with him.
The language, on the other hand, has a very nice community.

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daaitch profile image
Philipp Renoth • Edited

:D okay no idea of their community, but do we nowadays learn games :) (like title says "Have you learned Rust?")? didn't know that.

citizen428 profile image
Michael Kohl

Yes, I have. Re projects: some small fixes to Rust itself, an emulator for the CHIP-8, some contributions to other people’s OSS projects like e.g. frum, a Ruby version manager.

egilhuber profile image
erica (she/her)

It's on my to-do list, which means I might get to it at some point maybe over the next year or so

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Nope not yet I am rusty 🀣

mrwolferinc profile image

No, I have never learned Rust before or used it at least once.

technoglot profile image
Amelia Vieira Rosado 🐣✨

Nope, not yet on my radar.