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Have you received offers for your products?

Launching new products is exciting. It's awesome to see that your product can help somebody and you get the awesome feeling of fulfillment for your business ideas coming to life.

After half a year you receive an email from a potential buyer, that has thrown a solid offer for your project.

You are now presented with a dilemma:

  • whether you believe in your product enough and have a solid plan to develop in the future and earn way more in the long term.
  • or you see this as an opportunity and decide to sell it since you have other ideas with much more potential, have not time to run the product anymore, etc.

So the questions for this discussion are:

  • Did you accept the offer or did you turn it down?
  • Did it pay-off?

Its best if you can mention the amount offered and the MRR/approx. worth of the particular product now.

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