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What comment sections do you use?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

For the projects that need user feedback, the comment section is an absolute must-have.

Developing a fully functional and great-looking one can be pretty challenging tho, especially if tight deadlines have been set for the project.

That's where already built and easy-to-set-up solutions come into play. One of the most common ones I've seen is Disqus.

Can you recommend some others, preferably in the React/NextJS ecosystem? Or do you prefer to develop your own ones?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

I used to reference sources from here --

madza profile image
Madza Author • Edited

I've actually come across utterances some time ago, tho can't recall where! 😉
Thanks for the input and links! 🙏❤

breadcrumb profile image

I am planning to use something called Staticman.. It is not specifically a comment system, but can be used to make one. It acts as an API for things good for static sites. If you are planning to make a static site, Staticman will give you the most customization. Even for not static sites, you could probably make it work, but I have not tried it yet.

madza profile image
Madza Author

Never came across it before, will check 😉

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Daniel Diaz • Edited

In my blog I'm using a custom comment section, and I use Ckeditor as the comment editor.

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Madza Author

Afaik it's a pretty powerful WYSIWYG editor, especially great for blog posts, etc 😉 Never thought about using it on comments, nice idea 😉👍

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Not related, but is that FANDOM? I was once a very loyal reader/editor there 😁