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What do you use for video calls?

When it comes to video call apps, there are lots of options like Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Dou, Apple Facetime, Messanger, Skype, etc.
Which one do you use and why would you recommend it?

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Joel Rozen

Self hosted or not, you don’t have to create accounts, download anything, or tell them anything about you or your users.
Also I run daily 10 person meetings in full HD on an Amazon t2 micro instance - way cheaper than paying for 10 zoom subscriptions!

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Justin Ho

Agreed, supporting open source and it's comparably better than most other video conferencing software.

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Tom de Bruijn

For personal use I like Runs directly in the browser so there's no app hassle.

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Pavel Polívka

We are using WebEx at work, would not recommend it. I consistently does not work correctly with headset on PC, so you need to make it call your phone.

In the past we used MS Teams, would breakup when there is more people using video but was fine for small team. And zoom for whole company meetings etc... The free version gives you very limited time...

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Louis Low • Edited

It always depends on which video call app my clients or my friends use, then I'll install all of them. But mainly, using Google Meet because most people have it. I also have created a web-based P2P video chat to replacing these apps. But I haven't fully utilized it yet.

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Daniel Newell

For school, we mainly use Microsoft Teams

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Heather Williams • Edited

Work I use google meet which works well for an organisation already using all things google. Although we are using Zoom for our weekly social meeting due to the breakout rooms feature.
I also use Zoom for online classes (pilates, cake decorating) but I find the Zoom client for Ubuntu to be unstable and it often starts chewing through memory so I usually default to the less feature rich web client.
And finally I use Jitsi for the bookclub I run. Jitsi is my personal favourite, easy to get going, easy to use, has some nice features like being able to change an individual participants volume (helpful if you have people who speak softly or sit far from the mic).

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ender minyard

Jitsi! I like how simple it is and that it's open source.

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John Robertson

Lolz! Still useful for screen sharing ...

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𝗗𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗸 𝗔𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗶 🐬

It depends on what kind of video call you want to have. Video calls are for different reasons like social stuff, work with clients etc.

Could you add more context to the question regarding what the video call is about then I can chime in with tools that I use per scenario. Thank you!

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Montegasppα Cacilhας

Here we use both Google Meet and Zoom.

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Lesly Villalobos

For work my favorite is zoom because I can record the video calls... For personal use IG

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Google Meet for formal talks, Google Duo to talk with family members and Discord for talking with friends when coding together.

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Tomer Ovadia


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Swastik Baranwal

Zoom because its very common in India

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Benjamin Kampmann

google hangouts at work - went through all the things (Zoom, Whereby, Jitsi...), and ended up there again. On top for more presentation style things we are very happy with .