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What revenue models do you use in your apps?

Some of the most common ones include Freemium, In-App Purchases, Advertising, Paid Apps, Subscriptions, and Sponsorships.

Which models have you used in your apps and which ones tended to be the most effective?

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Inside my Fake Data browser extension I use two types of revenue models.

First, the users can use the extension for free as long as they want, but with some features locked behind a Pro / Ultra version.

The Pro version is a small one-time payment that unlocks all features that can work 100% offline and don't require me to keep a server in "the cloud". The license is theirs and they can use it for life on as many browsers and devices as they want.

There is also the Ultra subscription, which is a monthly payment and unlocks additional features that cannot be embedded inside the extension without an additional cloud server.

Having this model, I feel that I don't rip off people and make them pay monthly for something that doesn't require any maintenance or incurring monthly costs.

People seem to like this idea, but obviously, I have more users who pay for the one-time license only compared to those that also subscribe to the monthly plan.

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Madza Author

Thanks for the insight! 😉
Learned a couple of things 👍

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Junxiao Shi

I have everything open source.
It's outrageous to ask for payment for an app.
If user consumes server resources, that could be charged at a reasonable rate.

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video ads, at the end of the game level / video end, are acceptable to me