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What's your experience of using Reddit?

I have an account there for around a year or so, tho I had been inactive there for all that time. So no karma points or anything. Recently I made a decision to get involved a bit and find out whether I like it.

As of my research, some great dev related /r's include:
r/dailyprogrammer, r/learnwebdev, r/webdev, r/badcode, r/browsers, r/coding, r/css, r/design, r/developers, r/devlist, r/devops, r/frontend, r/hacking, r/hosting, r/javascript, r/learnjavascript, r/learnprogramming, r/learnwebdev, r/node, r/opensource, r/programmerhomor, r/programming, r/reactjs, r/seo, r/servers, r/softwaredevelopment, r/web_design, r/web_programming, r/webhosting, r/websecurity.

What's your experience of using Reddit? Is it worth to invest the time of gettting involved with the community there?

Maybe any other good dev related sub-reddits to follow?

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Gary Bell

Awful. Whilst I see why they don't trust newcomers, sometimes finding the right place to post something can be a minefield.

If you post in the wrong place, it gets moderated away automatically. You're limited to the amount of posts you can make, so when you are moderated away, you have to wait to try again.

I'm sure it's great once you are trusted, but I always give up long before then

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Tbh, I've read couple similar stories from beginner users as well 😉
That's why I decided to create a discussion, hoping to pull in some more experienced users there to describe what it's like once you have some recognition 😉