How do you take screenshots?

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In the past I've tried different methods from PrintScreen key to Lightshot extension in the browser. Tho, in first way I ended up using image editor to crop, in second - I was limited to browser only.

Since I'm on Win10, lately I use Win+Shift+S shortcut, select the area and image gets saved in Clipboard. If that's enough, I paste it and done. If not - I use PasteIntoFile to create a local image file without any image editor.

Any other methods you would recommend to try, considering quickness, ease of use and image accessibility after the capture?


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When I had windows, I used GreenShot. I'm not sure if it's still around though. An important feature is (imo) to quickly upload to imgur or alike. Often I do screenshots to show something to another person.

Nowadays I often see gyazo links, but I don't know it first-hand.


I use greenshot as well. I set it up to save to a directory and copy to the clipboard automatically, and not open up the editor.


+1 , I use it also , what I like about it it's that he freeze the image so you can capture hover effect .
If u don't care for hover try the built-in snipping tools , just search for snipping tools in windows search.


GreenShot still is around and maintained.
Imgur is my go-to service for quick img share, as well :)


I second greenshot, the quick built in editor is a game changer especially if you need to blur out any sensitivity info on the fly. Lightweight and easy to use, it’s one of the first things I install on any new windows pc.


I'm a penetration tester so I need to mark up my screenshots with arrows/text/etc. Snagit is the best for that.

If you just need to take a screenshot of your browser, there's one built into Firefox these days.

For Linux the best is Flameshot.


Flameshot is my favorite. I tried so many. I wish it was usable on other OS's


If it wasn't for the fact that Snagit licenses are not subscription-based, I would probably not use it at all for flameshot. Snagit is definitely a cleaner image markup tool but flameshot gets me 80% of what I need.


Since I'm on linux with Plasma, I really like Spectacle. With some custom shortcuts I can take screenshots of whole screen, current window or to crop a rectangular region option.


That's currently my preferred choice as well. Important is the feature to delay the screenshot by x seconds, so you can catch a tooltip, open a dropdown menu or alike. I forgot to mention this in my other comment, but beside one-click-uploading, this is a must-have for a screenshot tool.


If you are asking about taking browser screenshots, I use Vivaldi's built-in screenshot support.

vivaldi screenshot


On windows, I use WIN SHIFT S which is really useful because you have a different tools for screenshots, for example:


And I use WIN G to capture videos, if you have Xbox game bar is really useful.


You can even bind PrintScreen key in Settings to automatically open the Win+Shift+S snipping tool 😁


My favorites:

  • PrintScreen for entire screen or Alt+PrintScreen for active window screenshot copied to clipboard.
  • Snipping Tool that ships with Windows.
  • Screenshot feature built-in in the AMD Radeon graphics driver.

When using Windows, I use the integrated snip'n'sketch tool, bound to the PrintScreen key, which automatically copies the image to my clipboard, then allows me (from the notification area) to open it to either edit it (with a set of tools) or directly save it.


I use this app. It is ready to use if you are using Windows 10


I discovered Cleanshot X some while ago and tbh it's the best i've ever tried. I've previously been with

Monosnap (it was great, but now they want me to pay monthly just to have the ability to upload to FTP)
Ligthshot (it's fine)


I really like Firefox's abilities to take browser screenshots of just a selected area, the entire visible portion of the page, and the entire page (including that you would have to scroll to see). It's built in and works great.



  • Full screenshot: Command + Shift + 3
  • Custom screenshot: Command + Shift + 4 (+ Space if I want to take a screenshot of a window only)


I use default Screenshot application.


If you are on Windows just use the Snipping tool to screenshot a certain section of something, or Print Scrn for a fullscreen shot and then paste it into Paint.


I capture the whole screen with prt sc button and then paste it on onpaste.com edit it.


Explain and Send Screenshots - Jason Savard Apps.

Works in Chrome and Chromium Edge.

Records as well, and works outside of the browser.

Donate as little as one dollar, and you get some great additional features, but the free version is already robust AF.



I can't live without ShareX - it's the most powerful, useful screenshot tool I've ever seen, and I've customized my config since about 2016 and I get the most pixel-perfect screenshots I could want!


I just used the built-in snipping tool in windows. It served me well.


I wrote a script to launch maim, and use a series of dmenu prompts to give me the option to save, edit, and upload the image


# Glorious screenshot script
# Expects dmenu, maim, pinta, xclip, and imgup(gitlab.com/jcgollnick/imgup-rs.git)

image="$(mktemp /tmp/screenshot.XXXXXXX)"
trap "[ -f $image ] && rm $image" 0 1 2 15

maim -sBulc 0.0,0.0,0.5,0.2 -f png | tee $image | xclip -selection clipboard -t image/png

defaultimg="$(date +%Y_%V-%w-%H%M%S).png"
custfilenm=$(echo $defaultimg | dmenu -p "Save as?")
[ -z "$custfilenm" ] && exit

[ -d "$HOME/pictures/screenshots" ] || mkdir -p "$HOME/pictures/screenshots"
mv $image $savefile
notify-send -u low "Image saved" "$savefile"

[ $(printf "yes\nno" | dmenu -i -p "Edit $custfilenm?") == "yes" ] && pinta $savefile
xclip -selection clipboard -t image/png < $savefile

[ $(printf "yes\nno" | dmenu -i -p "Upload $custfilenm?") == "yes" ] || exit
notify-send -u low "Uploading $custfilenm..."
deets=$(imgup $savefile | paste -d'&' -s)
echo ${deets%%&*} | xclip -selection clipboard -r
notify-send -t 20000 "Screenshot uploaded" "${deets%%&*}\n${deets##*&}"

As I'm on Mac, I used to do command + shift + 4 but not anymore. Firefox has it by default now.


I've used SnagIt for years, it's the best for marking up images. Have both a personal license and professional license through work. I highly recommend checking out the trial.


I use the simple snipping Tool from Windows and as a recording Tool to repdoruce steps I use the gifscreenrecorder tool


Nimbus Screenshot is also worth trying. It covers all developer needs.


For Linux, I used to love the Deepin Screen Capture app, but recently moved to FlameShot (flameshot.js.org). Just great :D


On Mac, I use command + shift + 3 / command + shift + 4.
On Windows, I use Snipaste.


Just the regular Screenshot app on my GNOME workstation. It does the job. Peek for recording an action.


Windows 10 has "snip and sketch" built in. Previously known as "snipping tool". It allows you to capture the screen, a window, or an arbitrary rectangle.

Just hit the windows key and type "snip".


If its in a browser tab, I use firefox's dev tools, it has built-in screenshot capture. For everything else, i use greenshot


SnagIt. It's a swiss army knife for screenshots :)


I use windows default "Snip n' Sketch" with the prtsc shortcut


CMD + SHIFT + 5 on mac, it also does video.


Win+Shift+S. If I need a file, I just open the notification and click the Save button!