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Can someone ban these people they are ruining the community.


why? It's a good question in my opinion


Thanks for reporting them, seems like devs removed the comments ❤🙏


This guy asks post tons of questions daily, and don't even bother looking at answers then. Something is wrong there.


What's the learning curve, tho? 👀


Docs, I guess. I have built one of my aps using S3 using only docs and some random articles


Btw, if you are interested in modern image formats go to join to "ImageReady: An event featuring talks about modern image formats" on Friday Oct 2.

👉🏼 meetup.com/es-ES/Toronto-Web-Perfo...


Does this site have a limit 50 requests per hour? Like imgur


Just started using Cloudinary for my last project. So far, it's been pretty awesome. Now, if I can just figure out how to get images to automatically upload after being referenced in my Gridsome site, that would be even nicer (so far, I've been manually uploading images as needed, but it would be nice to have a single place to do everything).


Blackblaze B2 + Cloudflare


Cloudinady 🦄

I love the API 🥰


Awesome, seems to be among the most popular choices as I've heard from devs 👍😉


I'm using images on my blog.

The blog and the images are in a GitLab repository, and the blog is published on GitLab pages. In front, I've set up Cloudflare.


Stupidity Should have some level !!!


Started using Cloudinary with my last project. Quite well done. On the fly images transformations is pretty nice


You don't need CDN in most cases...


I use cloud flare. Does a good job


I just compress them as .webp and use them at my own dedicated hosting.


Is a good option, but with a service like Cloudinary the API send to the browser the better optimization and supported image format.

Safari (iOS or Mac) don't have support to webp format.


you can set up for fallback .png and .jpeg images for not supported platforms.

I know it, recently I published the same approach with AVIF format twitter.com/nucliweb/status/130228...

Is AVIF a new format I have no idea about it?

Totally, take a look to the awesome post jakearchibald.com/2020/avif-has-la... by Jake Archibald