Posting to Medium and Dev?

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I was wondering how many of you post to both Medium and Dev?

I do both, but enjoy the writing experience on Dev a lot more, since I am writing more code pieces.

I included my twitter poll, but I’d also like to read some thoughts and opinions about it.

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I don't like medium, I post an article and I get 5 views. I feel like it's easier to get exposure here on DevTo. I also write on my own blog and since I write in markdown, copying the post on DevTo is super easy, in contrast with the annoying formatting used on Medium which always forced me to go through an article and fix headers and links


On Medium you get views if and only if you submit your article to a Medium publication.


That’s not completely true unless they’ve changed something. I have a lot of views on an article that I wrote that isn’t part of a medium publication. It’s probably easier to do that, but it’s not necessary.

Not always true, ok, but I was quite impressed by the stats of my 3 last articles on Medium. I will let you guess which one I did not publish via a Medium publication.

Articles 1 and 3 required a lot of efforts to write, article 2 was an easy one. As you can see the stats are not proportional to that metrics.

I can definitely see the increased readership with the publication.


If your blog has an RSS feed you could just add that to your Dev profile and then you wouldn't even have to copy the post on DevTo you would just have to click publish.


I have all of my things on Medium as I like that I can have a publication with everything laid out nicely and custom navigation but I don't get many views or claps on there though. I only found this site yesterday and it seems more people have read my posts on here already than Medium.


I have not started posting yet.
But from a end user's perspective in regards to Medium, I am capped at 5 articles a month.

So for those that publish on Medium, I am sorry.
At this time I do not have the 5$ a month to spare, since I just started a bootcamp.

I have even tried some tricks that other recommended, like using incognito mode, but I think Medium got on to that trick.

Some of you may want to look at switching to Free Code Camp also.

Thanks for all your insight , you are invaluable to me on my journey to do a career change into development.


That makes sense!

I got a little turned off of FreeCodeCamp articles based on reading this article on here. I know that the full switch happened, but what keeps them from doing it again? I agree with their decision to leave medium, but it sounds like the authors were blindsided by this decision.


I totally understand , and FCC did acknowledge and make things right with authors.
But their decision was based on the very issue of this post.

People were not getting their posts read or viewed.

People who could not afford to pay for helpful, and insightful information did not have access to it.

I'm glad they made things right.

It makes sense to have information accessible, which is why I use both Medium and Dev for my articles. :)


never liked medium so I deleted my account and I am slowly re creating some of my old articles here ..among with new ones


I was used to write on medium, but since I discovered I feel here is like a community and I really like it. Now I'll copy my posts from medium to here.

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