How I Applied to a Tech Job Using a POST Request

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I recently tweeted about a job application experience where I had to send my application using a POST request.

It gained a lot of attention and bewilderment, so I'm going to use this post to ~demystify~ the process.

The Job Posting

The job I applied to was for a Technical Support Engineer position at Plaid. They provide two ways to apply: through a typical form or sending an API request. I chose to do the latter!

How I Did It

Gathering the Info

The job application provided a sample POST request body and the API endpoint, as shown below:

Alt Text

Now, all I had to do was gather my application information for the POST request and then send the request!

Using Insomnia to Send the Request

There are numerous API tools out on the market. I chose to use Insomnia, an open-source API client application, to send my request. Luckily, Insomnia was easy-to-use and quickly walked me through the steps of creating an API request:

  1. After opening Insomnia, click on New Request.

    Alt Text

  2. In the window that pops up:

    Alt Text

    • Type in a name for your request under Name.

    • Click the drop-down menu and choose POST. A new drop-down list will appear next to POST that will ask you if there is a body to your request. Choose JSON, which was specified in the API instructions given in the job posting.

    • Click the Create button.

  3. Paste the raw JSON request body with your application information into the field under POST.

    Alt Text

    Make sure to remove the optional comments within the request body.

  4. Paste the API endpoint that was provided in the job application next to POST in the top right corner.

    Alt Text

  5. Click the Send button!


After clicking Send, you should receive a HTTP response. If it all is well, you will see a 200 OK HTTP Response with a message saying "We got your application and we'll get back to you shortly!"

Alt Text

Tada! There you have it! 🎉 You should have been able to send a simple POST request to an API endpoint that contains your job application.

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I'm always intrigued by astonishing ways companies choose to test their API! 😅


Sometimes companies get extra creative when hiring talents.

Years back, I have seen a website (not recalling which) that had a few Front-end developer jobs posted in the HTML source code of their website. You will see it only if you do "View Source" from the browser (or Inspect) and the normal people won't see the postings ever.

The other website had some weird Javascript which prints job postings to the console which is viewable only if someone opens up the Dev tools and the JS console in that browser.

It's fun reading your experience, and claps for choosing the creative way instead of the normal way!


You are talking about "Automattic".


I just checked Automattic, they write a link to the JS console, but I remember seeing some ASCII arts or job postings in the HTML source code and console.

I did a Google images search and found that Flickr and The Guardian are still having such job postings in the HTML source.

The Guardian

Ah. Thought you were talking about Automattic. Thank you though.


Yes, the creativity makes the job hunt a much more fun process! Those all sound like fun ways to engage the applicants. Thanks for reading :)


I love this experience and hats off to plaid for being creative with the process.


You should have used cURL for sending the request to be more classy. Lol


They kinda did. Insomnia uses node-libcurl, which is the Node.js bindings for libcurl. 😅


What about cURL on a script in GitHub Actions which triggers when the commit message has "job" in it?


cURL was heavily recommended to me on Twitter, so I'll be using it next time I apply by API lol


Loved it, thanks for sharing ❤️


Thanks for reading :)


Ha, that's really cool. Great idea from the company


Brilliant. Props to Plaid and thanks for sharing!


Very creative from the company, nice stuff


Excellent idea and even better description.
And thank you for sharing it all


Thanks for reading :)


Haha Interesting and pretty nerdy way XD