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Day-25 Training at Ryaz

  • Date:16/02/2022
  • Day:Wednesday

Today I started at about 10:20 am today my aim was to complete the CRUD app all operations like to create, display data, update data, delete data so, I was done with building all routers, controllers, module as I was to do .then main part left over was to test with an postman api's so, firstly I installed postman then saw some video on youtube how to configure it so after this I was able to understand that how to send different post, put,get,delete request from postman so, further I tested all these operations they were working well but only problem I faced was the request sent and data stored in data base is in form of encrypted form so if I see the data base I cannot resemble the data that I posted or deleted so I wish it is a problem somewhere or I had to do some necessary changes to probhit this action so after this is resolved I am left over to set up user, host and give them various privileges to handle this all. so, this way my day ended up and I got to learn new things like to configure and work with postman.

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