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Day-32 Training at Ryaz

  • Date:25/02/2022
  • Day:Friday

Today I started about 10:30 am , as I was doing the complete node course in which I was done with till second module and today I started from 3rd module in start the instructor first of all installed all dependencies like joshing ,mongoose ,underscore . and after this instructed about how to install node npm or specific version of npm like I got to know about that to install particular version we use npm @ version and then taught about that if we want to see that all the dependencies that we have downloaded is list so we type npm list on terminal so, we got all the dependencies that have been installed. after this he taught that like we use console.log("any message") so, this is declared globally and after this he taught about paths .,../ to access various folders.And after this he taught to work upon global, this way I got to learn many new, this way my day ended up.

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