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Day-50 Training At Ryaz

  • Date:24/03/2022
  • Day:Thursday

Today I started about 10:40 am as I was done with all creation of crud app and as I was supposed to compleate the operation that user or host would create the source soothes was settled by passing id of host while triggering the post api so, this way it was completed and after this the thing to create was that user would buy the course so, this is resolved by passing the id of user in the cource so,basic things of crud was completed as discussed with my mentor so, at present I have no idea or knowledge about the authorisation and authentication so, I would do it in latter stage so, and after this today I started with cleaning up my unecessary files and necessary code and I have pushed all my code to git hub
i.e .this way my day ended up and I think my this task for now is done.

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