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Day-54 Training At Ryaz

  • Date:30/03/2022
  • Day:Wednesday

Today, I started at about 10:00 am as I was struggling with working of jwt tokens so, as yesterday due to some error in the index.js file so, the post request was also not sent successfully so, today I started with solving the problem and finding the root cause of it so, after having various attempts I was unable to do this but in the last half of day I got the solution about this so, I was done with the working of index.js file and after solving this problem with several testing I was succsfull to send jwt tokens with the or along with the post request so, now the work left over is the testing of authorisation part from the postman itself so, as this problem is solved now it would be done in little amount of time so, this way my day ended up and the authorization part would be completed by tomorrow.

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