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Day-59 Training At Ryaz

  • Date:5/04/2022
  • Day:Tuesday

Today, I started at about 10:15 am as I was assigned with the java script course so, I started with it in the beginning the the instructor give detailed introduction that it is course about learning the java script from scratch to advanced so, as I did the hello world program in java script so, then the instructor started with brief description of java script and i.e java script is high level object oriented , multi paradigm language and we do not want to worry about complex stuff like Memory management and by means of programming language is as it gives or instructs computer to do things and we would make the dynamic effects with web applications in the web and while learning java script we would have to focus upon the es6 components and after this he moved with linking the java script file and taught about variables and after this I am doing the exercises in the course. so, this way my day ended up and I got to learn many new things.

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