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Day-60 Training At Ryaz

  • Date:6/04/2022
  • Day:Wednesday

Today, I started at about 10:30 am as I was in progress with the java script course so, I started with it firstly the instructor started with the data types in the java script so, I got to learn data types like number, string ,boolean, undefined,null i.e means the empty value and later on the instructor started with let,const,var the instructor explained that if we declare the let some value and change after wards i.e change the value so, there is no error indicated but if we declare const something so, if we change the value after wards so, it indicates the error and if we use var we can use multiple assignments to it and have different values assigned to same var so, it will not indicate any error after this the instructor started with basic operators i.e sum, subtract,multiply,divide work evenly with it as well and after this the instructor started with precedence of the operators like divide then multiply then plus then subtract after this I started with the loading challenge in the course. so, this way my day ended up and got to learn many new things.

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