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Day-61 Training At Ryaz

  • Date:7/04/2022
  • Day:Thursday

Today, I started at about 10:30 am as I was in progress to do the java script cource so, I started with it and firstly the instructor started with the strings and template literals like to declare string in java script we use same double quotes as we use in ther programming languages and he taught that if we want to write string in different lines so, while declaring the string we have to write them as well in different lines after this he started with the if/else statements so, like all the other programming languages have their if/else blocks so, java script also follow the same rules for if else blocks if we want the certain things to be in the condition so, we use if/else statements and after I got to learn about boolean data type as it returns true and false respectively and after this the instructor started with the type conversion from other types to boolean after this the instructor taught about difference between == and === as the operator === is used to match the exact with the given number as it checks as eg 12===12 so it returns the result as true and after this I learnt about logical operators i.e &&,|| etc and after this I learnt about the ternary operator as we use the if else and with operator so, ternary is used to declare the statement in one line with multiple ? and : operator. so, this way I was able to do second part completely and this way my day ended up and now I would begin with DOM. and events.

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