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Top 10 Python Frameworks for Game Development in 2022- Codexasahish

In this tutorial, we are going to see the Top 10 Python Frameworks for Game Development or Best Python game engine. Most games like Battlefield 2, World of Tanks, and Pirates of the Caribbean have been developed using the Python programming language.

Top Python Frameworks for Game Development
Python is gaining popularity worldwide and has emerged as an outstanding choice for developers to quickly build feature-rich video games. So let's Start to learn the top 10 most popular python frameworks for game development.

No.1: Pygame

Pygame is an open-source Python library created with the assistance of C, Python, Native, and OpenGL. By using the Pygame framework transmission video games area unit developed on top of the SDL library. Pygame permits the developer to make fully-featured multimedia games by using Python. it's extremely transportable and used on all platforms or operations systems.

Features of Pygame:-

  • Simple to use and portable
  • Usable with all OS's
  • Multiple CPUs can be used easily
  • Lower coding needed

No.2: PyKyra

PyKyra is the second and most beneficial framework used in game development. this can be the quickest game development framework for Python. Pykyra relies on each code and Documentation Localisation (SDL) & Kyra engine. it's all the quality options. PyKyra supports MPEG Video, Sound like MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wav, etc., multi-channel files, and direct pictures.

Features of Pykyra:-

  • Run-on various platforms
  • PyKyra is a stand-alone package
  • Fastest game development framework
  • Has no dependencies outside of the built-in Python modules
  • Supports MPEG Videos, MP3 Sound

No.3: Pyglet

Pyglet is another open-source, cross-platform windowing & multimedia Python library used for computer game development. Pyglet may be a powerful Python library. It will produce games and different visuals on mac, OS X, Windows, and Linux. It supports OpenGL graphics, Joysticks, program event handling, Loading pictures, and video, and enjoying sounds and music. It runs below Python three.5+ & works on different Python interpreters like PyPy.

Features of Pyglet:-

  • No Additional installation or Dependencies required
  • Support for Videos & Audios
  • Written in 100 % pure Python
  • Supports Python2 & Python 3 both

No.4: Panda3D

anda3D is written in Python and C++. it's an open-source and utterly free-to-use game engine. this can be used for time period 3D games, visualizations, simulations, experiments, and more. It supports third-party libraries like Bullet physics engine, OpenAL, FMOD sound library, and Assimp model loader. the facility of graphics cards is exposed by the employment of an easy-to-use API. Panda3D will increase the speed of C++ with the benefit of Python. Overall an honest learning expertise when doing Panda3D. this can be an honest tool to make Python development. Panda3D is the quickest downloadable free game engine among others.

Features of Panda3D:-

  • Flexible and Capable game engine
  • Written in C++
  • Asset handling is flexible
  • Panda3D is completely free to use
  • Performance profiling
  • Rapid Prototyping

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