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Block COVID global virtual innovation camp with blockchain and tech experts

The dramatic spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives, communities and businesses worldwide. If you wondered what you could do to help, consider joining the Block COVID global virtual innovation camp where you could contribute ideas and work on innovative solutions that solve problems for “the new normal”, while learning from thought leaders in blockchain and across diverse industries.

Block COVID is a month-long virtual open innovation camp to activate anyone anywhere to build COVID-19 solutions on the blockchain and more. By providing a collaboration platform, mentorship, subject-matter expertise, and technical support, the program aims to inspire and catalyze implementable products to address societal challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic by the end of the month.

Organized by TryCrypto and WEF Global Shapers, the innovation camp will be joined by some of the best and brightest in the technology, design, and social impact community. Leading blockchain projects such as Truffle and Sia will also be part of the program.

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Block COVID will provide an opportunity for participants to:

• Learn new tools to ideate, design, build, and implement innovative solutions, such as creating service design frameworks and shipping blockchain applications

• Hear from thought leaders across diverse industries and put their top tips into practice

• Connect with other developers, designers, entrepreneurs, students, industry experts, and more!

• Make a difference in the world!

Join the Block COVID Slack channel to connect with other participants and stay updated with the program.

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