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Daniel Madalitso Phiri
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Articles that made my Week #007 - Sorta

Hey! So I'm trying to setup my week so I can publish this 3 days earlier. I'm trying to get back to doing this Friday nights.

Before I continue. This is last weeks article.

Sort of looking back to why I started doing this. I wanted to be consistent and intentional with what I'm consuming and doing this every week was my way of remaining aligned with my goals both professionally and personally. I love doing it, I go back and read the ones I've done before this. Lately though life has just been harder than usual and even though routine in a time like this has been advised. It is insanely hard to follow at the moment. I won't lie... I didn't read much this week. I've been battling with very unexpected rejections, having to self isolate. It's a hard time for everyone, sending out good vibes!

Back to this, I use this as a diary. I gauge past week, like Dev as a Diary (DaaD) and I guess this is just a reflection of where I'm at. I want to use this as a reset for the week. Rekindling the flame! I'll share articles I've written recently and hopefully they can make your week.

Just some of my writing over the last month.

If they do make your week. Let me know - it'll make my week. Have great one!

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