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Articles that made my Week #005 & #006 五

I want to start this by saying I'm sorry??

As you can see! I've merged two posts into one! I missed last weeks post - time is quite the thing... very unpredictable. It's been a really tough few days, really busy too! Yet here we are!

Per the newly minted tradition, this is last weeks article.

So if you've been watching (or reading), I've really committed to this writing thing. I want to get better at it do it right and make sure it serves me or at least adds value to the people around me. Rachel was pretty spot on with this!

This week has been tough - interviewing, finishing up projects and trying keep my health in check it's only normal that some thoughts of inadequacy pop up. I dealt with them as best as I saw fit but Sarahs article was so nice to read, a quick reminder to compare myself to.. myself? I wrote up all my experience and work and immediately felt so much better. Sometimes we just need a boost.

You might not be aware, at the moment I'm jobless. It's not as sad as it sounds lol but yeah it can be hard to feel technically proficient amidst the hoops of interviewing but it is still very important to stay on top of your game, there are some really cool tips by Hassan in his article. Staying positive can be hard especially with everything going on in life, I'm just learning to take it as it comes.

This one is pretty straight forward, being a community manager right now is tough. Having to switch from in-person meetups to online ones can be a lot! There's a lot to consider and Brian was kind enough to share his vast experience with everyone.

A few weeks ago, I was building a CI/CD pipeline for my package dzina the experience has great and writing tests to add to it was dope! Adding more tests to my applications has been at the back of my mind since. Andrea Stagi did a pretty thorough tutorial for testing Vue.js applications. You don't see much content on that.

Like the article says we probably don't think too much about deploying single page applications - stuff like Netlify or Zeit make everything so easy. I've been working a lot with Docker lately and this article sort of cemented a lot of my thoughts around the idea. Might just do it for Vue.js. Thank you Bruno Paulino for sharing!!

Will wrote a really good article that sort of takes you back to the earlier days of software development. It's always good to hear the perspectives of people who have been doing something for a long time. To me it spoke to not losing touch to yourself. That is extremely important.

That's been my two weeks. How were yours?

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