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Starting with a new cloud platform GCP

I started learning GCP after spending 4+ years with AWS.
The main constructs of the cloud or any infrastructure are always going to be the same. What's important is to understand the differences which allow you to build something more powerful in an easier way than what you have achieved on the earlier cloud. I was glad to have found this course - Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for AWS Professionals

It gives a comparison of Google Cloud capabilities and makes it super easy to understand for someone who has knowledge of AWS's terminology and concepts.

In fact, such a course also helps in strengthening your AWS understanding. Now you are able to get a new perspective of the cloud that you know. It also talks about portability solution.

Cloud has proliferated so much that most of us have had some form of cloud experience. With Gen Y, they know cloud from very early on with their pictures, messages, documents and even college assignments stored there!

Every major cloud provider should have a starter documentation for developers who have some cloud experience.

After this course, I was able to continue hands on with additional GCP courses and POCs in qwiklabs.

Quick tips:

  1. Make your own notes for every course/tutorial you study
  2. Hands On: Don't skip the hands-on exercises assuming you know
  3. Visit the course again after 2 weeks after skimming through your notes
  4. Refer the main documentaion of GCP/AWS for latest version and details where needed
  5. Plan a exercise/small solution to develop once the course is complete

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David Salter

Hi Manasi.

Nice introduction to how you've started with GCP. I think it's much easier to pick up a second (third) cloud platform when you've got a good understanding of another - like you have with AWS.

I like your tips. In my experience, this is spot on. Practice, practice, practice and you will become an expert :)

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Pratik Ambani

Hi Manasi,

Thank you for a brief on GCP. I'm planning to kick off my certification with Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

Can you share some reference material(articles/books/video tutorials) apart from official documentation out of your experience?

PS: I have no prior experience on AWS