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The Wait is Over: Top 5 Web Development Companies Revealed!

Did you know there are over 1.86 billion websites on the web as per the report on Internet Live Status? Ever since the beginning of the world wide web in 1992, the global number of websites has doubled from 2015 to 2021.

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Regardless of industry type and size, businesses have realized that having a robust online presence is vital to stand out and communicate quality information to their customers.

It has become vital for businesses to have a well-designed website that can accomplish different marketing strategies and help them grow their business.

According to the recent web development stats, a website has only 10 seconds or even less than it to leave an impression on the users. In such a competitive arena, having a solid online presence is a must, and you need to rely on the top web development companies for the same.

Today there are millions and billions of web app development companies worldwide, but choosing the best among them is an arduous task.

With this blog, I have done complete research work that will help you choose the best web development companies based on the following parameters.

= Clients & Services
= Hourly Rate
= Technical Expertise
= Years of Experience

Have a look at the list of ranking of the top outsourcing companies:

Rank 1 - MentorMate
MentorMate is a top web development company with positive reviews on Clutch. The company deals 50 percent in web development projects.

Rank 2 - PixelCrayons

The company is an award-winning web app development company in India that is maintaining the highest position in the website development field for the last five years.

Rank 3 - ValueCoders

You can go for ValueCoders if you own a startup and are looking for cost-effective web app development services.

Rank 4 - NetGuru

Though the company focuses around 30 percent on web development services, its reviews on Clutch rank it among the top 5 web application development companies.

Rank 5 - Capital Number

Capital Numbers provides reliable web development services as they have a 100 percent in-house team, and they do not hire any freelance developers.

Now, let’s have a look at the Top Website Development Companies in detail:

1. MentorMate

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MentorMate is a web development company in Minneapolis, the USA, which has global offices. The company has marketed its global footprint across different locations and further expands to European countries.

MentorMate spans seven global offices that include Minnesota (US), Bulgaria, and Sweden.

The company has delivered more than 1400+ projects across multiple industry verticals. They aim to cover the full spectrum of possibilities and offer end-to-end services across trending technologies, a range of platforms, and design methodologies.

The web developers at MentorMate focus on the clients' needs and determine the best technology stack for your web, mobile, and cloud-based solutions. Also, they provide post-maintenance and support for their developed websites.

The team of web developers at MentorMate thrives on complexity and finds appropriate solutions for the unsolvable. The techies think out of the box, design and develop innovative websites that help clients turn big ideas into reality.

The industry types they deal with are healthcare, lifestyle, agriculture, manufacturing, education, finance, and Commerce.

Minimum project Size - $50,000+
Average Hourly rate - $50 - $99 / hr
Employees - 250 - 999
Location - Minneapolis, MN

2. PixelCrayons

top web development company

PixelCrayons is an award-winning web development company in India that has served many startups and enterprises in building B2B and B2C web applications. The web developers at PixelCrayons develop web apps for multiple business niches and have successfully delivered 13800+ projects till now. Thousands of businesses across the globe trust PixelCrayons as their leading web development partners.

Have a look at the wide range of web development services that it provides to its clients:

= Custom web applications development
= Prototyping and UX designing
= PWA (Progressive web app) development
= Full-stack development
= Third-party integration
= Upgradation and migration
= Digital transformation

PixelCrayons is also the best web development outsourcing company in India, where the web development team holds expertise in technologies like PHP, Rails, Java, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Node.js, Vue.js, etc.

Industry Experience - The website developers at PixelCrayons are specialized in an array of industry verticals.

Some of them are Digital Marketing agencies, Banking and Finance, Retail and eCommerce, Education and eLearning, Media and Entertainment, Logistics and Transportation, Travel and Tourism, Automotive, Healthcare, ISVs and Product companies, Publishing and Advertising.

Hire web developers dedicatedly from PixelCrayons who are highly proficient in building scalable web applications as they have an expert team of web developers who have 5+ years of experience in their prospective field. The developers sign strict NDA with the clients to have 100 percent data protection.

Minimum project Size - $5000
Average Hourly rate - $20 / hr
Employees - 500+
Location - Noida, India

3. ValueCoders

top website development company

ValueCoders is a top-rated web development company with over 16+ years of experience in web app development. They provide web applications from startups to enterprises catering to multiple industry verticals like healthcare, eLearning, Fintech, and eCommerce.

The company offers end-to-end web development services that include web development, software updates, software maintenance, and hassle-free migration. The team of website developers ensures growth-centric digital transformation for your business and offers full-stack web development applications services by developing robust web app solutions.

They employ the top web developers who have in-depth technology competence and in-depth expertise in the latest web technologies.

Clients can trust Valuecoders for their web development services as they develop secured, innovative, scalable, and high-performance web app solutions that will manifold your business growth and revenue.

By choosing ValueCoders as your web app development company, clients can save up to 60% on their costs as their web developers have in-depth domain knowledge and follow a result-driven approach in FTR.

Minimum project Size - $10,000
Average Hourly rate - $30 / hr
Employee - 400+
Location - Gurugram, India

4. NetGuru

best website development company

Netguru provides bespoke web development solutions services to clients. The team of web developers at NetGuru build secure, fast, and beautiful web applications that will cater to your business goals.

Their services include project design, user product design, UI design, and branding. They leverage reliable designing methodologies and best practices in web development to implement beautiful, responsive, and highly interactive user interfaces so that the user can enjoy native-like experiences.

NetGuru relies on powerful and battle-tested technologies like Ruby on Rails to develop high-performing web applications. The company will be the best choice when it comes to choosing the top web development companies as they have a team of web developers who choose the right tech stack as per your project needs to give a solid base for the business growth.

The web development team at NetGuru also works on technologies like Node.js and Python to create performant web applications.

Minimum project Size - $25,000+
Average Hourly rate - $50 / hr
Employee - 250 - 999
Location - Poznań, Poland

5. Capital Numbers

best web development company

With Capital Numbers, you can hire expert web developers on a full-time basis who will assure you with guaranteed results.

The clientele of Capital Numbers includes 150 global brands, Silicon Valley Founders, Reuters, Grey, Vogue, Highlight, etc. The company took over even small projects and assigned you with the best in-house team of web developers who are highly experienced and deliver cost-effective results in the first attempt.

The technology stacks that the web development team at CN poses are :
Laravel, .Net, Python, WordPress, Magento, Angular, Node.js, React.js

One of the best things about Capital Numbers is that it offers you to choose pricing models.

You can get a fixed price quote where you can charge on an hourly basis. They charge $25 per hour and provide a fully signed NDA for maintaining the project confidentiality.

Minimum project Size - $10,000+
Hourly rate (Average)- $25 - $49 / hr
Employee - 250 - 999
Location - Kolkata, India

web development companies

Summing Up

So, this is the list of the top 5 web development companies that I have curated, keeping in mind the parameters such as clients & services, hourly rate, technical expertise, years of experience.

As an entrepreneur, you must google all the parameters before opting for the best web development company. Hire the top web development company as per your budget and business requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the pros of hiring a web development company rather than choosing a freelancer?

As a business owner, you will enjoy several benefits when you hire a web development company :

= Cost-cutting
= Quality Assurance
= Easily Accessible
= On-time Delivery

2. How long does it take to develop web applications?

It all depends upon the complexity of our projects. More the number of features and functionalities, it will take more time to complete the project. But, we develop and deliver the application on time with quality guaranteed.

3. What are the services these web development companies offer?

= Error-free coding
= Agile development process
= Easy communication
= Zero billing guarantee
= Hire app developers of your choice
= Out of the box solutions

4. What engagement models do these web development companies follow?

= Fixed-cost Fixed -time model
= Time and Material model
= Dedicated time model
= Offshore development center model

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