Best tools, practices when you join new organization

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Hello friends,
I am going to join new organization next month. I need help from you.
What are tools I can use to manage my tasks and to boost productivity? (In context of multitasking work)
What are the best practices I can use from the first day?
Other advises are welcome!

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Before I do anything else, I install:

  • Password Manager (I like 1Password)
  • To-Do List Manager (OmniFocus)
  • Snippet Manager (TextExpander, Alfred, or Dash)

Hey Chris, thanks for sharing tools, I will definitely try it.


You should be prepared to take notes frequently. I've been using Workflowy for almost 3 years. All my questions, todos, todos for next week, and everything else would go into it.


Hey thanks for information, will try it.

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