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Mandar Badve
Mandar Badve

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What is the definition of Full Stack Developer/ Development

I am confused about profile ‘full stack developer’. Should I write it on LinkedIn or not?
Folks I need help to understand what exactly full stack development.

Which technology stack should I know?
Does this profile limit to only web development?

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Moshe Uminer • Edited

I recently read the following article titled 'what does it mean to be "full-stack"':
The main thrust of the article is that the definition of a full stack developer is someone who has the skills to take a project from beginning to end. What skills that actually entails has changed over time, for example today detailed knowledge of linux is less important.
As to what skills it actually entails, I'm going to add that it dpeneds, first and foremost, on the project. In that regard, I think that the term "full-stack" is usually used only for web applications, so let's stick to web development (which is the topic of the article).
Should you call yourself a full-stack? Yes, but not just. This brings us to the question of what tech stack you should know. It doesn't matter, as long as you have the skills to build a website from start to finish, but make sure not to just call yourself a full-stack. Saying that you are a full-stack developer doesn't indicate the technologies you can use, it just says you know how to build a website, but maybe someone wants a specific stack. Maybe you can use node.js but they want Go. So say that you're fullstack, because that way indicate that you know a full stack, but make sure to say what kind of stack you know.

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Alejandro Bonilla • Edited

I understand that he is a person who is capable of developing a complete system, from backend to frontend, and for me....the FullStack Developer its only for web development.