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Setup Statamic via DDEV

*🚧 Update february 2023: Some installation commands in this tutorial seem to be broken. See DDEV discord for an updated version. Thx to tyler36! 🚧 *

In this little series I try to setup a nice and clean deployment workflow for the PHP CMS Statamic. Statamic is based on Laravel and has strong support for git-centric workflows. Every config change is stored in .yaml-files and can be version-tracked in git, no database by default (Although a database can be added later).

🚧 This article is work in progress. 🚧

Screenshot Statamic Website

Beware: My goal is to separate content from config as much as possible, therefore I won't rely on Statamics Git Automation. I'll keep the content/-directory out of git. Let's see how far I can push this as a Statamic newbie.

1. Create a repository

We start by creating a (private) GitHub repository. Add a dummy file like to begin.

Screenshot of creating a Github repository

2. Setup Statamic with DDEV and Composer

For the following steps I assume you already installed DDEV on your computer. (Make sure to join the DDEV Discord to meet the wonderful community, there is also a Laravel channel!).

Clone the Github project to your local hard drive, open the project folder in Visual Studio Code. Use the built-in terminal for the following commands below.

Screenshot of Visual Studio Code

So here we go, let's set it up:

# Create configuration for DDEV project
ddev config --project-type=laravel --docroot=public --create-docroot

# Install latest statamic via composer
ddev composer create statamic/statamic

# Generate config, set APP_URL & generate key
ddev exec "cp .env.example .env"
ddev exec 'sed -i "/APP_URL=/c APP_URL=$DDEV_PRIMARY_URL" .env'
ddev artisan key:generate

# Add support for CLI please command via DDEV-addon:
# (
ddev get mandrasch/ddev-statamic-please

# Compile JS/SCSS
# TODO: Add browsersync as well
ddev exec npm install
ddev exec npm run dev

ddev launch
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This will open your site:

Screenshot of default start site of statamic

Afterwards you can create your admin user with ddev please make user:

Dialog of creating the user

We can open the control panel via ddev launch /cp:

Screenshot of Statamic Control Panel

Great, that's a functional local setup! 🥳

Commit and push this back to GitHub. If you don't want to store your users in git, add /users to .gitignore beforehand.

One last cool thing: DDEV enables to usage of Gitpod as well, check the "Open in Gitpod"-button on mandrasch/ddev-statamic-blank for example to try it out.

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