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10 layman's Simple advices to beginners

(1) It is not an "Id" but "name" that is fetched by database in the html form.

(2) is the easiest way to play with codes. Go get the inspiration there.

(3) No system is faster than using a service worker resource cache. Tools like css js html on the client side are blazing quick results.

(4) Client-side validation is no security . Just saves time of client. Use server validation of forms.

(5) Use or similar website to perform performance tests and suggestions.

(6) Learn a language that is not a framework. Depending on the framework, it's like you can read, but don't know how to write. The framework loop hole will be the loop in your app. Frameworks have a short life span, but your career is not a short one.

(7) The most critical security measures are csrf, token, server validation, etc. You should learn how to apply it in any language.

(8) There is no good code. There's always a simpler way to code. So, no matter what you're coding, feel content.

(9) Learn go and JavaScript.

(10) Code in such a way that your server has not to run so many queries. Learn to implement Function as a service.

Bonus: The Truth

(1) Without learning linux, you are half cooked developer. 90% of servers in production are linux. Atleast, you should have idea.

(2) Devops is easier than both front-end and back-end development.

(3) Spend more time on than Facebook or Instagram.

(4) Scan GitHub for open-source or

(5) Create your own tools. For example: I created for getting best results on Google from my favourite sites.


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