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MongoDB best alternative is MangoDB :) Try it

Hello friends,
I would like to discuss about new mangodb.

Official documents says about

MangoDB is set out to become the de-facto open-source alternative to MongoDB. MangoDB is an open-source proxy, which converts MongoDB wire protocol queries to SQL, and uses PostgreSQL as a database engine.

Why do we need MangoDB?

MongoDB is a life-changing technology for many developers, empowering them to build applications faster than using relational databases. Its easy-to-use and well-documented drivers make MongoDB one of the easiest to use database solutions available. However, MongoDB abandoned its open-source roots, changing the license to SSPL - making it unusable for many open source and commercial projects.

Most MongoDB users are not in need of many of the advanced features offered by MongoDB; however, they are in need of an open-source database solution. Recognizing this, MangoDB is here to fill the gap by providing an alternative.

You can use docker too:

docker run --rm -it --network=mangodb_default --entrypoint=mongosh mongo:5 mongodb://mangodb/

Visit at, get in touch, and sign up for updates on the project.


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