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Introducing the new MongoDB Shell- mongosh

Since the beginning, MongoDB has had a shell (mongo), and it has been used for one reason or another by almost everyone who has ever used MongoDB.
The new MongoDB Shell is designed to be expandable, so we can easily add new functionality as new products and services are added to the MongoDB platform, it is embeddable, so you can use it (or parts of it) inside other products (one example is MongoDB for VS Code), and last but not least it provides a modern command-line experience.

Installation :


Highlighting the syntax: making things more readable and facilitating the spotting of errors;

Smart autocomplete: save time when typing, and help when you don't remember a command or an operator;

Contextual support: You can get contextual support for shell classes and commands with direct links to the online documentation when autocomplete is not sufficient;

Messages of error: When something goes wrong.

As you would expect you can run scripts in the MongoDB shell. The MongoDB shell is indeed a very powerful scripting environment. Because it's built on top of the Node.js REPL, you have access to the entire Node.js API and npm package ecosystem.


I hope you people like the above article and learned something.

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