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Quick Guide: Logic behind Logos for Tech People : 2 mins

Recently, a female activist reported the well-known brand 'Myntra' about its logo saying it is 'offensive to women.' However, company said they would make necessary changes.

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Some people also wants Airbnb to change its logo as it seems 'offensive to them'.

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Logo? Logo? What exactly is this and why so much research needs to be done before finalisation of one.

Logo is a thing that

-represents your own brand.

-A quick look gives a psychological impression of your brand.

-Trademarks of you.

-will place the company in the minds of the people.

For example, the Apple.
Can you tell me which one is correct Apple logo?

Source:Daily mail

My logic of logo:

- your domain should be your logo.

- color combination does matter.

- Alpha vs pics logo.

(1) Your Domain should be your logo: (Try this first):

In startup, Early-stage steps includes naming of product/company and domain. In world where people search you on internet...It's not good to have domain / logo that is different from reflecting your product.
Your name should be convertible to logo.

Example: Google,Yahoo,Ola,Uber,

You will find companies before internet era have pictorial logos. Example...
Microsoft and Apple.

But name as logo is not possible in all cases.
Suppose, I am going to start a new business in shipping . Name and domain of my company is

It's better here to have pictorial logo with two stars and ship .

Products / companies with 7 words are mostly suitable for this name to logo.

(2) Color combination does matter.

You can read complete study here:
The interactive effects of colors and products on perceptions of brand logo appropriateness:

The under mentioned pic is self explanatory:

Alt Text

Alt Text

However, these marketing and physiological studies are more than 15 years old.

According to [me]:
I don't give much on logo color. Also this creates trade mark problems.
For example, in eyes of law 'f' of Facebook logo with blue background and another 'f' with red background are different.
It's better to keep logo without attaching a color to it. It's my view.

- Alpha vs pics:

The more complex you are designing your logo... More people tend to forget it and unable to differentiate between you and duplicate.
It's my view:-
Try less than 5 geometric figures or keep it Alpha numeric.
whatsapp logo : contains: bubble, phone and circle.
Zoom logo. logo

Here are some good logos to believe my theory:

This is how they mordernized their logo:

Easy remembering logos of Google products:

Hope you like this article. You can follow me 😜.

I am worried about Gmail logo after Myntra. What is your view? Is it offensive??!😁

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And never forget to write a disclaimer when using others logo for any purpose. Without disclaimers companies may get offended. You know this is world of offenders...😂


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Image credit: twitter ,medium,thelogosite and study link mentioned above.

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