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This Will blow your Mind: Your Own Open CLOUD in 5 Minutes

Please refer to my previous posts regarding creating your cloud service like digital ocean or google cloud. Part 1 and Part-2 and Part-3 . Most important article listening your VMs on external IPs here -4

In Part-3 we have also seen how to install opennebula. Opennebula is an alternative to openstack/ cloudstack.

Also, Alternative to Opennebula: Installation of cloudstack

In this article, I will discuss bringing your VMware environment to the Cloud in 5 minutes by vOneCloud. Vmware is an alternative to Virtualbox.

vOneCloud is an OpenNebula distribution optimized to work on existing VMware vCenter deployments. It deploys an enterprise-ready OpenNebula cloud just in a few minutes where the infrastructure is managed by already familiar VMware tools, such as vSphere and vCenter Operations Manager, and the provisioning, elasticity and multi-tenancy cloud features are offered by OpenNebula.

Its too easy :)

Step:1- Visit :

Step:2- Watch this installation video:

Listen Riva riva. Enjoy Song, as I am while writing this post. :)

I hope you people like the above article and learned something.

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